Monday, 18 December 2017

BMW 120i 1.6-litre petrol engine

The powerful motor of the car will keep your aspirations high
Limited cabin space in the 1series cars of BMW is mainly due to longitude of engine designed for rear wheel drive. But motor under the bonnet worthy that much space 1.6 litre turbo twin power petrol engine is capable of producing 177hp and 250NM of torque. With that much power it gets to hundred kilometers per hour speed in just 7.2 seconds. Slump in petroleum prices does not make owners really bother about fuel economy but even then fuel consumption is well under control and you can cover distance of 100km for just 5.9 litres. The other immediately felt difference is ride comfort and you can enjoy traveling on motorway in BMW120i M Sport suspension. The steering wheel keeps exciting drive crispy with ability to run on winding roads. Road holding of the vehicle is also nice and you can overtake with greater ease due to perky motor. We offer best quality Used BMW 120i 1.6-litre engine for sale all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes .

Interior is to enhance comfort of cabin occupants
With largest display monitor in its class it has managed to offer superb view of navigation. Applications menu of the car maker allows access to a number of services with smartphone connectivity. 

The steering wheel has fabric cover and it provides a nice feel. Upholstery is also of cloth so elegant layout of interior has fine look as well. Two zone air conditioning and rear air vent offers new level of comfort to all the riders alike. Hi-fi system with seven speakers turns this cabin a real entertaining place. Bluetooth and USB support further enhance the options for occupants of the seats in vehicle. Use of aluminum on pedals and handles Continue to read more about BMW 120i must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Selling of 1Series units
The record has been revealing astounding figures of selling of over two million units of 1series cars in world. It is very much clear from features of the automobile that this trend will remain same in coming years as well. Premium compact class segment has this rear wheel drive car with balanced weight distribution. 

It will also help to boost driving experience. The list of features may increase by choosing trim packages that will also add to driving ease. Standard equipment package has now increased further to make it an offer of philanthropist. Led headlights and fog lights are striking changes when you look at the new model. Alloy wheels of 17 inch have been redesigned and M Sport trim level offers 18 inch wheel options.
iDrive6 is quite useful
Providing live content through iDrive6 system is the main attraction for the riders. You can make vehicle settings with few simple steps on aforesaid facility. For front row riders not only plenty of room is available but also number of storing places. 

Two cup holders and a tray in centre console and a box with lid is also there. Glove box of good size with door bins having enough space to hold large size bottles. Headroom for rear seat occupants is ideal and storing places are rather tight. Rear air vents are adjustable and it has been appreciated well. So you get premium car with a number of advantageous features.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

BMW Z4 is an excellent cabriolet of the day

Engines are powerful, offer speed and performance

The best in convertibles with powerful engines and excellent exterior it is nothing else but BMW Z4 Roadster
Powerful and dashing convertible with outstanding in appearance, the BMW Z4 Roadster is amazing vehicle of its class. It is a fine blend of performance and style. Excellent look with magnificent exterior and comfortable interior is its hall mark. Features are great with good practical approach. Its engine range is powerful and quiet with great smoothness while cruising. It’s strong and powerful built is impressive. Heavy built has its own impression. Wide and ground touching frame gives extra ordinary road grip and wonderful control on top speed. Rivals are good but it is amazing vehicle, fantastic in each and every section. Continue to read more BMW Z4 Roadster must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Engine range is powerful and dynamic
Good powerful petrol engines are its strength. There is no diesel engine but petrol engines are enough to maintain its worth as a convertible. There are 2.0litre, 2.5litre and 3.0litre petrol engines with outstanding performance. The right pick is 3.0litre petrol engine with 301bhp and 295lb/ft torque. It is good in pick and overall performance.

It takes 5.0 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h. It is the fastest in convertibles. This petrol engine offers just 30m/g of fuel average along with 219g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six speed manual and automatic gear boxes with rear wheel drive units as standard. We offer best quality Used BMW Z Series Engine  at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.
Exterior and interior are superb
BMW is well renowned for its fabulous designing and excellent exterior and well refined interior. In its Z4 Roadster, BMW has used all its techniques to make it a super convertible. Its exterior is out of question in designing and standard. Its front is impressive with outstanding finishing touches tail is good sides are great. Interior is packed well with quality features. Dash board is well built and knitted with quality features. Sitting arrangement is absolutely well. Overall its exterior and interior are good.
Features and equipment are great in look, touch and feel with good practicality
BMW Z4 Roadster is an outstanding convertible with great features and equipment. It has luxury features with great comfort and feel. There are anti lock braking system with EBD System Assist, Drive Dynamic control assist is an assisting system which helps the driver to adjust throttle and steering response as per taste and requirement, different types of alarms and indicators are there to warn and assist drivers.

LED daytime running lights, Xenon headlamps with washers, standard air bags with side curtains, climate control with automatic air conditioning unit, seventeen and eighteen-inches alloy wheels with unique design to support its speed and running performance, heated speed and cooled seats with heated mirrors and electric windows, lumbar supported seats, sat nav, CD, DVD player with multi CD changer, Bluetooth connectivity, telephone assist, USB port availability, parking sensors with rear and front view camera assist, steering wheel rake and reach adjustment is also available. All features are of great standards and the stuff is out class. Fine touches of metal and wood along with leather upholstery are great in touch and look. Safety standards are good but Euro NCAP is not satisfied with its safety features and it gave BMW Z4 Roadster just 3 stars out of five but BMW is quite satisfied with these score.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

BMW 4 Series engine review

Top class interior, huge performer and the engines are simply astonishing.

Maybe by looking at the pictures, it is not an easy task to highlight the differences between 3 and 4 Series, but by observing them we can declare that there are enough differences between them. The BMW 4 Series is an amazing all-rounder along with a striking and muscular engine range that supplies outstanding performance and economy figures. It is a calm vehicle yet an entertaining package with back-wheel drive handling. Continue to read more about BMW 4 Series must visit BMW Engine Works first.
For two-door coupe, this smart 4 Series is a very practical car along with usable comfy back seats and a graceful boot. And still if you are not satisfied with it and want more; the 4 Series Gran Coupe proposes four door with a stylish look and 4 Series Convertible comes up with the best ever features. Overall, the 4 Series is a great fun to drive.
If we talk about engine line-up, the 420i is the base of the 4 Series range. Next comes the 430i which utilizes the similar four-cylinder turbo as the 420i and efficiently adds more power. You’ll need to trade up to a 440i for a six-cylinder engine. Focusing on the diesel side, the 420d has a four-cylinder unit, whereas the 430d and 435d have smooth and proficient six-cylinders. We offer best quality Used BMW 4 Series Engine at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.

Provided the 420i produces 184bhp and strikes 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds, it's abundantly fast enough for most every day purposes. However, along with the vaguely swifter 430i, it lacks the velvety smooth character and clatter of the old six pots, preferring to craft a rather intrusive drone.
The 435d diesel engine:
You could also trade up to a full-fat 435d diesel along with xDrive four-wheel drive and an auto box, which holds such a traction advantage off the line, and such an continual wall of torque, that it can agonize an M4 in a straight line.
But for most, the logically smooth and swift 420d will be more than enough, and promises up to 60mpg.
The 440i engine:
The flagship 4 Series (if you concession the rapid M4) is the 440i. It's a glossy smooth unit that's seriously dazed from the get go, as its 0-62mph time of about 5.2 seconds shows, but likes to rev out. It also misses the spiky power delivery of the M4, so for several will be the more accomplished daily driver. Though, the 435d is even faster off the line, and cheaper to drive.
As BMW is a world famous brand and it tries hard to give best shot in every field related to its vehicle. To some extent, BMW vehicles are very well built and very safe but problem comes when long term reliability is discussed. All the models of BMW come up along with a decent warranty package as usual. This package involves a complete three year and unrestricted mileage warranty. But BMW also offers that you can extend the period of warranty if you like by going through a procedure and rising up your budget.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How Much Safety BMW 530i Offers?

The 2017 upgrade improves the ranking of the sedan on safety

There is no transport in the world which is perfect and cannot have adverse effect on crash and other mishaps. The one thing that can be made sure is the safety of the passengers, as a vehicle or means of any transport can be regained but never can a human life be restored by any means. With the advancement in technology and equipment there are many things which are now possible. Automobiles have such safety features that assure to a large extent the safety of its occupiers. With the upgrade of 530i the ratings got even better on safety scale. There is not only one, but many ways a car gets checked before rating it on the scale. And BMW 530i has proved itself to be a good rater in all aspects. So, the car is safe after the tests conducted by the IIHS. This is a very good initiative by the BMW Company, as what people prefer is their safety and if married the safety of their family. Continue to read more BMW 530i must visit BMW Engine Works first
On what scales the car have been tested:
One of the tests on which the car was tested was a small-overlap evaluation. In this test the effect of crashing with an oncoming vehicle on 40mpg was tested and the result was very minor injuries to the dummy placed inside. This is a major improvement as the predecessor scored very less in this scale. Then there is a front crash test, where the vehicle avoided the accident and the car as well as its occupier remained safe. The rating in this scale was also very high. The next scale which is reachable is a headlight evaluation, this area was weak and only with optional lighting or package the rating was higher but not with the standard one. But this can be ignored under the so many more which the vehicle offers.
What is making the car rate higher?
The customer is always curious about the ratings of a car and wants to know what features are present in the vehicle which is contributing to the case. The very important auto brake technology totally avoided the crashes in the tests. On sensing the danger the car itself triggers the sensors and auto brake is put into action. Then the airbags assures the safety of the occupiers if by any case the crash happens so the passengers remain safe.
Then mishaps happen while parking a vehicle especially in narrow spaces. The all around cameras have solved the problem totally and it can be parked even in the smallest of spaces. A noisy alert is always there if by any chance you get distracted to hit the brake in case of traffic or any road problem which is a big relief for the driver We offer best quality Used BMW 530i Engine at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.
What is to be done by the driver?
This is a very important question, as many answers come by discussing it. What the driver has to do to let the car do its job and not become a hindrance. There are options present by which you can stop the programs that are annoying for you especially the BMW safety features.
By doing this the driver is not only putting his and the life of the occupiers in risk, but also the lives of other people on road. So, the one thing which should never be done is to deactivate the default settings. Life is a precious thing, do not put it in danger by childish acts.

Monday, 9 October 2017

BMW 320i another great compact Saloon

Leading the class with innovative approach since decades

Among compact luxurious sport saloons BMW 320i has been given top rankings because of body design, performance and engine excellence. The buyers get impressed when give a try to this great series of cars. Being inventor of this type of vehicles the German company keeps its tradition of providing the best in business for riders and person on driving seat. These reasons let it to be the most selling vehicle of this class and it is verdict in its favor. Very few competitors can claim such a balance in performance and cabin luxury. The competition is ongoing and efforts are untiring to offer innovative splendor in new model and outdo the rest. The balance it has managed to achieve of being sporty as well as comfortable is not an easy task but the same can be experienced while driving. The manufacturer has been producing cars of this series for four decades and this superiority over the other is result of mere engineering supremacy. Continue to read more about BMW 320i must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Fuel efficiency and power of 3series engines
BMW engines of 3series are great as they do not need much fuel to cover long distances and power always accompanies so power units are really strong. While considering all its features no major flaw will be found and rather appears as a balanced practical car. Four-cylinder petrol engine with output of 184bhp can reach speed of hundred kilometers per hour in just above seven seconds and it is very good by any good standard.
In new model it is noteworthy that refinement has made even stronger impression than previous versions of the same car. You can handle it well with precisely weighted steering and suspension also plays its part in it. Every part of the car compliments the other so you will find it very cohesive while driving. We Offer best quality Used BMW 320i Engine at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.
Aggressive body design of the car
Exterior has been very much of same kind and with kidney shaped grille on the front it can be classified as one of the most aggressive in the range. Headlights are LED sixteen inch alloy wheels are standard. Length of the vehicle has been increased and it is to provide more knee room to the persons sitting behind.
Total volume of boot is reasonably spacious to hold average size bags. Satellite navigation is another standard feature throughout the series. Three years back it received a face lift that made it quite appealing.
Ultra comfort for riders
Seats have been designed to offer the best possible comfort to the riders on different sorts of tracks. Very little noise from outside will enter the cabin and sound system will soothe that littler disturbance of wind and engine sound. Luxurious options are even better as they offer electric sunroof, navigation with three dimensional maps and electric seats. With eight auto speed transmissions you can get Paddle Shifter to make things even better. Different driving modes are available and none of them make riding quality suffer. Comfort mode certainly more soothing but the sport plus option is also not to make you uncomfortable at all.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

BMW M2 is matchless in its performance

Interior, practicality and sleek look are its worthy points

BMW M 2 is an unbeatable class
When you talk about style, speed and elegant designing of BMW then there is no other choice except BMW M2. There is no parallel of M2 in the whole BMW range. It is dashing and arrogant in appearance. Its well-shaped and well balanced body structure offers a sleek look. Its aerodynamic exterior without any cuts and creases on side panels has its own impression and offers one unit eye catching look.  It is considered as a true rival of Porsche 718 Boxer, Mercedes Benz A- Class and Audi A3. BMW M2 is a powerful and luxury sports car with great interior and features. Continue to read more about BMW M 2 Series must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Interior and features are awesome
BMW M2 is one of the leading vehicles in its class due to its speed, brisk performance and delicate interior designing. Its interior is well woven and well knitted. Its designers have arranged small space with craftsmanship. Its interior is superb in built and quite healthy in features. Its interior offers nice and good sitting arrangement with plenty of head and leg room for its occupants.
 Standard features consist of ABS, air conditioning unit, cruise control, traction control and dual zone climate control. Standard airbags are available with side wall curtains. ISOFIX children seat anchor points are there along with steering wheel rake and reach adjustment. Sat Nav is out standing with remote locking system. Electric mirrors, folding rear seats, heated seats, heated mirrors and sports seats are available in this luxurious M2.
Safety and reliability
BMW has focused in this direction and M2 is its proof with standard safety kits to protect the occupant from any bad incident.  It has been fitted useful kits and standard of safety equipment is very high. It has secured five stars rating from Euro NCAP in crash test. It is strong and reliable as well. Its strong built and solid body is durable with guarantee of BMW. Its well-balanced body structure is safe and reliable in itself.
With single petrol engine M2 is a bombastic performer
It is quite satisfied with its performance having 3.0litre petrol engine under its bonnet. It is capable of 364bhp and 343lb/ft torque. Enough power for a two-door vehicle with slim and smart body. Its top speed is 155m/h and it takes 4.2 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h. 
 It is available in six-speed manual and seven speed DCT automatic transmission along with rear-wheel drive. One reason of its great response with both mechanisms is its rear-wheel assembly that gives extra speed to it. We offer best quality Used BMW M2 Engine at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes
Driving, performance and handling are perfect
M2, as we discussed earlier, is a well-balanced and well equipped vehicle in two-door class.  It’s perfect body shape and petrol engine with rear-wheel drive system offers worthy control of its power. It handling is nice and offers great driving experience while cruising on 155m/h. its suspensions are flexible enough to sport it in odd and un-even roads without any extra efforts.
Its big sized and flat tires give it extra road grip. Low center of gravity is also another factor that gives it extra road grip and maneuvering ability on speed. Overall driving experience is perfect.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

BMW 5 Series a Technology loaded Saloon

A complete range for luxury and extreme driving pleasure

For those who are in search of a saloon that is loaded with all the new technologies of present day, your search will definitely end when you get to know the BMW 5 series. This car takes your driving experience to greater heights with the helping gadgets that are designed to help the driver to such an extent that you do not have to be alert all the time. Traveling alone or with family and friends, the safety features will function to its full capacity and never lets you down. Also the vehicle is not only safe for the occupiers but people on the road gets the same safety due to its warnings and force stops and limits where they are needed. At first you may get irritated and want to shut it down but when you get used to it, driving any other car will be out of question. Continue to read more about BME 5 Series must visit BMW Engine Works first.
What is new in the Engine side?
There are two new trim levels that are still to hit the market, 530i and 540i. The first one has a 2.0 liter turbo four engine which give away 248hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. When it comes to 540i the engine is of 3.0 liter turbo-6 with 335hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. These two new engines look promising to take the series to new heights for its driving experience.
Now not only the engines but the handling has been improved and with a 10.2 inch touch screen you can control the way your purchase should behave on the road. From start till the end, there is not a single action which the system does not support. Both the new engines have 8-speed automatic transmission which is noiseless and the shift is not felt when it happens. So you get a smooth drive throughout. We offer best quality USed BMW 5 Series Engines at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free price quotes

Eco Pro Mode:
Eco pro mode is a very useful system that is installed in the BMW 5 series which gives you even more efficiency and lowers the fuel consumption to 20% less with 5% more due to Eco Pro route and preview assistant that can guide you of the shortest possible way to reach your destination. This system works on any area that is responsible for fuel economy and efficiency of the engine.
This mode further enhances acceleration and transmission shifts, chooses the heating/cooling strategy that is healthy for the engine. The control display shows that which Efficient Dynamics technologies are lowering the fuel consumption.
One very important feature that is often ignored while choosing a vehicle is the aerodynamics. It helps the vehicle to move by cutting the air and making the car lighter while moving in a high speed. This allows the engine to work in a stress free environment and maintain the fuel economy. BMW 5 series has been redesigned from the front as well as the wheel base keeping the aerodynamics as standard. The cool air inlets and wheel arches are specially designed to reduce air swirl and make the car not a usual one. The flat undercarriage cover is also another addition that is designed by keeping the same view in mind; it also improves air insulation and provide even greater protection from rust.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Why BMW 3-series saloon is the market leader in the UK

When driver's demand for power and saving at both hands, they opt for BMW 3 series filled with the Bunch of fuel saving Engines
Let’s start the story with sixth generation BMW 3-series, it is truly dominating the premium saloon market with fuel saving BMW engines. And there isn’t one or two offered in the 3 series but an army of engines is ready to lead the 3- series thus the market. It’s the sixth generation of the BMW 3 series four-door saloon and it has been dominating the premium saloon market. The current version has the whole story to tell and be one “the undistinguishable”.
This automobile has enough arrows in the box to boast its presence in the market than ever before. It’s further spacious than its predecessor with a better boot, the exclusively built interior to be considered as even more classier than ever with a driver-centered cabin and immoderately-finished materials, even as overall control is exceptional too - which is not any imply feat. The massive capacity, nevertheless, is the low emissions that continues with annual tax costs completely low. Continue to read more about luxury 3 Series must visit BMW Engine Works first .
Army of BMW 3-series Engines
There’s a vast range of powerful yet fuel economical engines to suit practically any patron’s every day driving needs. From the low cost and low-emitting BMW 318d Efficient Dynamics appropriate up to the stronger 335i variation. The 318d Efficient Dynamics saloon is one of the best in class fuel economical yet luxurious saloon, competent for doing 68 miles per gallon with the emissions of quite simply 109g/km – leading to low road tax. Even as it takes just 7.7 seconds to move from zero to 62mph. The 335i meanwhile produces 301bhp and can hit the 62 miles per hour mark in just over five seconds, which is excellently swift for a saloon.

BMW 3-series overall effectivity in the market is assorted from engine to engine as there are seven engines on offer, coupled to either a six-speed  manual gearbox or an optional eight-speed auto transmission, and if you love to have it with paddle shifters, the option is available. The petrol line-up includes three engines, a 2 litre 184bhp for 320i, a 2 litre with 245bhp for 328i and a 3 litre cranking 306bhp in 335i. We offer best quality BMW 3 Series Engine for sale all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.
BMW 3-series Diesel Engines
There are four diesel engines offered to suit the needs of company car drivers where as 2 litre 116bhp for 316d, a 143bhp generated by the BMW 318d diesel engine, a 2 litre 163bhp leads 320d and the 2 litre cranks 184bhp when it leads the 320d.
BMW 318d diesel engine with 143bhp can reap zero-62 miles per hour in just over 9 seconds and reached 143 miles per hour in no time after covering the 62 miles per hour. On the other hand, petrol engines are even better than ever before.
BMW 3-Series Petrol Engines
If we start with the smallest 3 series engines in the lineup, it leads the 320i with 148bhp and it easily get from zero to 62 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds. It has its highest limit to run on the road is 146mph which is not a bad top speed in any cost. The 245bhp variation is equipped to the 328i and completes the zero-62 miles per hour sprint in just under six seconds and is electronically limited to 155mph.

Overtaking slower traffic with ease when driving the 328i, and even more easy with the petrol powered 335i, which is able to crank 306bhp and accelerating from zero to 62mph in 5.5 seconds. Again this engine has an electronically controlled top speed of 155 miles per hour, so nothing to get with the top speed.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

BMW 120d miracle in a small body

Driving fun packed in a powerful engine

BMW 120d may not be placed in the practical car range due to its less space in the back, but every car is not meant to be practical. Some engines are meant to be just for driving fun and enjoying the luxury packed in this small BMW miracle. In the earlier times diesel was not an attractive choice but present diesel engine ranges have proved it wrong.
With improved technology and powerful noiseless ride, one cannot say now that diesel engine is not for purchase for a luxury choice. This small vehicles outlook is not just an ordinary one; it totally changes from what it looks like from the front. The front is the usual BMW style but from the rear the cut and trim changes for inclination towards sportier look. To read more about BMW 120d visit BMW Engine Works first.
Engine Provision:
The engine is a magic that encompass this little beauty with rear wheel drive system. The engine that fits the 120d is a powerful one that leads the 2.0 petrol engine. The drive and handling of the car is outclassing. You get that feel which one can get only from a sports car, the shift and the acceleration is what you get when you purchase a 1 series car. The fuel economy is not a problem for the engine and despite of the heavier engine the car does not get imbalanced at any surface.
The quick response of the car gives a lovely ride and the driver feels enormous pleasure throughout the journey. The engine meats the requirements of a healthy emission level with its crisp and quick ride. There is a problem in the lower speeds and the engine noise can be clearly heard but still if you are choosing a sport car version this noise will be sweet to ears. We offer best quality low mileage BMW All Series Engines for sale at affordable price all over UK. Visit and get free price quote.
Interior Specifications:
Form the inside the car is a feel of luxury, but rear seating is a problem. There is space for only two passengers and the third one will feel uncomfortable due to the center console. There is less leg room for the rear passengers and this is the one feature that goes in negative trait for the car
. Climate control air conditioning, 17 inch alloy wheels, rain sensors, clear touch screen and simple controls increase the driving pleasure even more. Sport seats, cruise control, remote central locking, multi function steering wheel and anti theft technology also make the car worth buying.
Ride and Handling:
Due to its small size and light weight, the car responds well to the engine power. The steering operates well and the car obeys its buyer in any way it is being driven. The ride behaves well around the turns and on the highway it seems like a bird flying. Over taking is not a problem for BMW 120d and the car remains in control in no matter what road type it is on.
Suspension is well balanced and helps the car to give a smooth and sound driving experience. Basically this car is a drivers’ car and especially on highway the noiseless drive is a no match to the rivals.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The upcoming BMW M8 model

A Look over the new BMW M8, specs and engine power

BMW M8’s first glimpse
BMW M8 will be launched next year but the auto company has already released some photos of the car leaving BMW fans excited. Running prototype was enough to give us chills down the spine. Teasers of this new model are all over the internet. It is a feast for all the car lovers. To Read more about BMW M8 visit BMW Engine Works first.
Outclass Exterior
Large front air vents are oh-so-obvious making the face look gigantic. There are four tail pipes which define the car’s sporty look. The headlights would have LED or laser units. By design the lights have a sleek trim that is in coherence with its overall look. The side look gives detailed view of wheel arches which are quite wide. And the huge wheels are present alongside contrast brake calipers.
The car’s front gets a prominent look by the curves and edges giving it an angular look. The rear bumper has air vents quite similar to the ones present on the front. Tail lamps will surely grab your attention owing to their classy presence.

Unprecedented Engine power
BMW has not released details about the engine yet. They are keeping it concealed until the official launch obviously. But we know this well that the engine will be on the same lines as 7-series saloon. According to our guess the engine of M8 will get its inspiration from the bi-turbo V12 unit used in the M760Li xDrive. M760Li’s engine gives 600 horsepower and we expect that M8’s engine will be of the same power or maybe more aggressive than this.

Such strong engine is most likely to get paired with an eight-speed auto transmission. The company may be thinking of launching an all-wheel drive version subsequently. We offer best quality low mileage BMW All Series Engines for sale at affordable price all over UK. Visit and get free price quote.
Potential rivals
Next year is going to be a big pomp and show of luxury cars as many auto makers have promised fresh versions and successive models. Many have announced the release of electric vehicles including Audi. BMW M8 is also going to face some fierce competition as Mercedes is planning the launch of AMG S65 Coupe around the same time. This vehicle has 630hp 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 and seven-speed automatic transmission. Bentley on the other hand is also all set for Continental Supersports release which has a potential of 710hp and a 6.0-litre bi-turbo W12 engine alongside eight-speed gear box. These models are going to give some tough time to M8. Let’s see who wins the battle!
Release date and details
It is too early to say anything about the release as there is no official statement made on this by the company. The 8-series 840i and 850i are ready to make debut next year. So, we look forward to the release of M8 hopefully following the launch of these models. However, BMW has announced that M8 will also get a racing car variant which will be named M8 GTE. This will help the company claim back its position in motorsport. The M8 GTE is being planned to debut at the Daytona 24 Hours in January next year.

Monday, 15 May 2017

BMW 5-series Touring

A look inside BMW 5-series Touring

A look inside BMW 5-series Touring

Touring has always been a popular brand from the BMW family. The auto maker has sold over million copies under the same name since 1991. The strong metallic body with a spectacular finish is what we love about this car. The new version of Touring seems to have close resemblance with its predecessor. Some features have been enhanced that are quite visible including cutting 100kg weight from the body. However the car has a visible increase in length and width meaning growth in these dimensions. The car is huge having loads of room for passengers in the rear and also if you are carrying heavy luggage. Continue to read more about BMW 5 Series must, visit BMW engine Works first.

Package under the hood

Brand new Touring owing to its lesser body weight is better at saving fuel to as much as 11 percent when compared with its previous version. CO2 emissions are as low as 114g/km. The car looks strong with a six-cylinder engine give it a smooth glitch free ride. It is more of a sportier engine. The manufacturer claims that this car is capable of producing a power of 187 bph and a torque of 295 lb ft. The top speed has been recorded to be 139 mph which are excellent figures. We offer best quality used BMW 5 Series engines at affordable price in all over UK .Visit us at and get free price quotes.

Impressive, improved interior

As you step inside the cabin, you will be caught by the idea of space. The car looks huge on the inside. The seats are big and super comfy. The passengers on back seats are not being neglected at all. There is ample leg room for adults. The car can be ordered with customized version having adaptive shock absorbers and a system to prevent body roll. BMW’s iDrive infotainment system has been updated to a latest version. Many new features are integrated which can be explored easily besides the old features including smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, hotspot connectivity and highly defined touch screen display.. BMW never ceases to impress you. Well guided navigation system always helps you reach your desired destination on time. Smooth grip of the wheels requires minimal effort on the driver’s part making driving fun. It is a comfortable ride for long distance travelling that is the reason it is a highly recommended car.

Making driving less of a chore

The latest Touring is a complete package as it comes with a lot of features to give you an ultimate driving experience. As safe rides are a trademark of BMW, this vehicle is made to meet the same standards. The car is superior to many others because of its intelligence. A driver’s assistance kit is integrated that will make you safer on the road. Lane changing assistance is of much help to the driver. It keeps an eye on the car and when it becomes unsteady and shifts between lanes, it pulls the car back on track. A warning system is also installed that will warn you if you are driving in the wrong direction on a one way road. Rear cameras come in handy for parking the car safely.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

BMW 3-Series 4 DOOR saloon

Joy While Driving

BMW 3 Series


BMW's 3 Series has for quite some time been the benchmark against which other minimized luxury vehicles are measured. For the most recent model year, BMW has refreshed the 3 Series with new motors, and an accessible module half and half drivetrain. The vehicle likewise gets an inconspicuous facelift. It is a Luxury car with compact Size. The Body Style is Sedan. To Read more about BMW 3 Series visit BMW Engine Works first.

Dimensions and Weight:

The length, width and height of this Luxury car is 182.5 Inches, 71.3 Inches, and 56.3 Inches Respectively. The Wheelbase and Ground Clearance is 110.6 inches and 5.5 Inches Respectively. The Front track consists of 60.3 Inches whereas the rear Track consists of 61.9 Inches. The weight of this Vehicle is 3370 Ibs. The weight Distribution Ratio of the car is 50/50.


BMW 3 Series Interior

The seating Capacity in this car is of five Persons. Cargo volume in this vehicle is 17 cu. Ft. without Folded seats when the seat is folded the cargo volume increase three times.  The Leg room, Head Room and Shoulder room of the Front row of Car is 42.0 Inches, 40.3 Inches and 55.1 Inches Respectively. Whereas The Leg room, Head Room and Shoulder Room for second row of the car is 35.1 Inches, 37.7 Inches and 55.1 Inches Respectively.


BMW 3 Series Engine

The fuel Consumed by this engine is Gas. It is 1998 cc Engine with Four Cylinders fitted straightly. Each Cylinder has for valves. Total number valves present in this car is Sixteen. The Power of this engine is 180 hp (Horse power) @ 5000 RPM (Rotation Per minute).  The torque Produced by this engine is 200 Ib – ft @ 1250 – 4250 RPM (Rotation Per Minute).  The engine is equipped with the automatic transmission system of gears. The total number of Gears are eight in this Engine. The Fuel consumption is very good Economically. It gives an average of 35 miles per Kilogram of the gas on highway. Whereas in City it gives an average of 23 miles per Kilogram. It is a differential engine with rear wheel drive. It is a Turbo Charger Engine with direct injection of fuel.
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The layout of the chassis is rear wheel drive. The front suspension is strut – type. Whereas rear suspension is multi linked. The size of front and rear wheel of the car is same that is 17. All the wheels are made up of Aluminum Metal. The Size of all the tyres is same that is P225/ 50V R 17.

Comfort and convenience:

BMW 3 Series Rear View

The vehicle is equipped with the air conditioner that has a feature of auto climate adjustment. It has a steering wheel with hydraulic power system. The Air Conditioner Vents are also integrated on Rear side for full chill environment. There is key less button used to stop and start the engine. You can open the lid of fuel by remote. There is also warning light that indicates the low fuel.  All cars of this series are luxurious and give full joy while driving.

Monday, 27 March 2017

BMW 118d Small Hatchback

Consider the Powerful Engines and their performance

BMW 118d 

Sometimes the car manufacturer design a car to challenge the rivals present in the market so it can take advantage of supremacy and this statement is very much true for the best car of BMW One Series 118D. It is a family hatchback so the features you would come across certainly match the needs of a small size family. It has come up with rear wheel drive that is not the case with other vehicles of this class but usual feature of sports car. Read more for different BMW models and Engines spec. must, visit BMW Engine Works first.
List of engines is also longer and all of them got enough force to let you enjoy the drive. Without any discrimination both diesel and petrol machines are equally capable of high performance. The other variation is its availability in three door and five door body styles. So the range is complete with good variety and respective qualities to prove a better choice to own.

Space is great advantage

BMW 118d Engine

It is spacious so it serves the purpose of a family transport more successfully unlike other cars of similar size. This could be the reason behind sales of good number of units in different parts of the world even when it is not very practical hatchback. The two engines have three variants and petrol 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is one to start with. The diesel 2.0 liter turbo machine is more likely to get appreciation for its adequate agility. Efficiency of fuel usage is even better for 118d when compared lower level editions of the series. Eight speed automatic transmissions are too smooth to create any sort of hitch fort the movement and it is the first time this class has been experiencing this technology. We offer best Quality Used BMW 118d Engine for sale all over UK at affordable price.

Technology Features are commendable

BMW 118d Interior

Stop start technology is a standard facility available throughout the range and with this consumption has been reduced to desired levels. It is good to use when intervals are longer. Different driving modes let you feel right kind of driving experience. Eco Pro mode maximize fuel efficiency, comfort mode let you get relaxed more than normally this automobile offers and Sport would allow you move forward at great speed. These options can be selected in accordance to road condition and will of the person on controlling seat.

Handling of the car is made perfect with steering

BMW 118d Rear View

Steering is splendid as it make your control perfect. Weight of this part is precise and every little command is instantly responded. But it does not make it over sensitive to become hard to control. A stable and balanced ride is quality of this vehicle that would keep the passengers calm. The exterior says it all as you look at the car you start loving it. Rightly priced small automobile has been beautifully designed. This new generation model is very much competing the new age designs that are popular and in demand all over the world. By doing so the company has managed to remain in competition. Comfort will never lose its promised level as there are front and multi link rear suspension used by the manufacturer to provide ultimate cozy traveling.
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