Tuesday, 4 April 2017

BMW 3-Series 4 DOOR saloon

Joy While Driving

BMW 3 Series


BMW's 3 Series has for quite some time been the benchmark against which other minimized luxury vehicles are measured. For the most recent model year, BMW has refreshed the 3 Series with new motors, and an accessible module half and half drivetrain. The vehicle likewise gets an inconspicuous facelift. It is a Luxury car with compact Size. The Body Style is Sedan. To Read more about BMW 3 Series visit BMW Engine Works first.

Dimensions and Weight:

The length, width and height of this Luxury car is 182.5 Inches, 71.3 Inches, and 56.3 Inches Respectively. The Wheelbase and Ground Clearance is 110.6 inches and 5.5 Inches Respectively. The Front track consists of 60.3 Inches whereas the rear Track consists of 61.9 Inches. The weight of this Vehicle is 3370 Ibs. The weight Distribution Ratio of the car is 50/50.


BMW 3 Series Interior

The seating Capacity in this car is of five Persons. Cargo volume in this vehicle is 17 cu. Ft. without Folded seats when the seat is folded the cargo volume increase three times.  The Leg room, Head Room and Shoulder room of the Front row of Car is 42.0 Inches, 40.3 Inches and 55.1 Inches Respectively. Whereas The Leg room, Head Room and Shoulder Room for second row of the car is 35.1 Inches, 37.7 Inches and 55.1 Inches Respectively.


BMW 3 Series Engine

The fuel Consumed by this engine is Gas. It is 1998 cc Engine with Four Cylinders fitted straightly. Each Cylinder has for valves. Total number valves present in this car is Sixteen. The Power of this engine is 180 hp (Horse power) @ 5000 RPM (Rotation Per minute).  The torque Produced by this engine is 200 Ib – ft @ 1250 – 4250 RPM (Rotation Per Minute).  The engine is equipped with the automatic transmission system of gears. The total number of Gears are eight in this Engine. The Fuel consumption is very good Economically. It gives an average of 35 miles per Kilogram of the gas on highway. Whereas in City it gives an average of 23 miles per Kilogram. It is a differential engine with rear wheel drive. It is a Turbo Charger Engine with direct injection of fuel.
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The layout of the chassis is rear wheel drive. The front suspension is strut – type. Whereas rear suspension is multi linked. The size of front and rear wheel of the car is same that is 17. All the wheels are made up of Aluminum Metal. The Size of all the tyres is same that is P225/ 50V R 17.

Comfort and convenience:

BMW 3 Series Rear View

The vehicle is equipped with the air conditioner that has a feature of auto climate adjustment. It has a steering wheel with hydraulic power system. The Air Conditioner Vents are also integrated on Rear side for full chill environment. There is key less button used to stop and start the engine. You can open the lid of fuel by remote. There is also warning light that indicates the low fuel.  All cars of this series are luxurious and give full joy while driving.

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