Monday, 15 May 2017

BMW 5-series Touring

A look inside BMW 5-series Touring

A look inside BMW 5-series Touring

Touring has always been a popular brand from the BMW family. The auto maker has sold over million copies under the same name since 1991. The strong metallic body with a spectacular finish is what we love about this car. The new version of Touring seems to have close resemblance with its predecessor. Some features have been enhanced that are quite visible including cutting 100kg weight from the body. However the car has a visible increase in length and width meaning growth in these dimensions. The car is huge having loads of room for passengers in the rear and also if you are carrying heavy luggage. Continue to read more about BMW 5 Series must, visit BMW engine Works first.

Package under the hood

Brand new Touring owing to its lesser body weight is better at saving fuel to as much as 11 percent when compared with its previous version. CO2 emissions are as low as 114g/km. The car looks strong with a six-cylinder engine give it a smooth glitch free ride. It is more of a sportier engine. The manufacturer claims that this car is capable of producing a power of 187 bph and a torque of 295 lb ft. The top speed has been recorded to be 139 mph which are excellent figures. We offer best quality used BMW 5 Series engines at affordable price in all over UK .Visit us at and get free price quotes.

Impressive, improved interior

As you step inside the cabin, you will be caught by the idea of space. The car looks huge on the inside. The seats are big and super comfy. The passengers on back seats are not being neglected at all. There is ample leg room for adults. The car can be ordered with customized version having adaptive shock absorbers and a system to prevent body roll. BMW’s iDrive infotainment system has been updated to a latest version. Many new features are integrated which can be explored easily besides the old features including smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, hotspot connectivity and highly defined touch screen display.. BMW never ceases to impress you. Well guided navigation system always helps you reach your desired destination on time. Smooth grip of the wheels requires minimal effort on the driver’s part making driving fun. It is a comfortable ride for long distance travelling that is the reason it is a highly recommended car.

Making driving less of a chore

The latest Touring is a complete package as it comes with a lot of features to give you an ultimate driving experience. As safe rides are a trademark of BMW, this vehicle is made to meet the same standards. The car is superior to many others because of its intelligence. A driver’s assistance kit is integrated that will make you safer on the road. Lane changing assistance is of much help to the driver. It keeps an eye on the car and when it becomes unsteady and shifts between lanes, it pulls the car back on track. A warning system is also installed that will warn you if you are driving in the wrong direction on a one way road. Rear cameras come in handy for parking the car safely.

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