Thursday, 5 July 2018

BMW X3 is simply impressive

Good and comfortable ride it offers with absolute speed

The BMW X3 is a practical mid-sized SUV with a handy interior

The BMW X3 is a luxury crossover SUV based on BMW 3 Series platform. It is in between the smaller BMW X1 and bigger BMW X5, gives a live opportunity for many buyers with the tight budget but never ready to compromise on the spacious interior.
Though its body style and overall look give the aged impression, it is a very tough competitor for new small built sporty SUVs. Some critics take its design as not the most handsome one in the BMW SUVs lineup.

The Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, and the Lexus NX are some renowned and worthy rivals of BMW X3. It is good in performance and great at covering long distances. See more BMW cars and their specifications visit

With good handling and precise control, the BMW X3 performs like other big SUVs 

The BMW X3 has considered as a family car but in actual it is an SUV, not built only for motorway cruising but perfect for town driving due to its compact size which offers space and practicality to its users.

Its handling is as easy and precise as any other saloon of BMW series. Steering has of good weight which gives smooth ride with perfect road grip. It is a luxury class of vehicle, but ready to go anywhere or any terrain.

With some improvements and refinements, it behaves impressively than before

In the year of 2014, the BMW renovate the X3. Though there are no major changes in look, design, and style, now it has an electric tailgate and a revamped cabin and above all, in 18d and 20d models we find all-Aluminum diesel engine with more power and efficient fuel economy and gives tough time to Audi and Mercedes.

The BMW X3, with its perfect diesel engines, gives the comfort of the Porsche Macan

There is not a long powertrain for BMW X3 but, a 2.0litre diesel engine is a powerful unit which is capable to produce 187bhp and massive 295lb/ft. torque that is required for an SUV like X3 for cruising and towing.

It takes only 7.8 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with the maximum speed of 130m/h. It maintains a good fuel average of 52m/g with 142g/km of Co2 emissions. This version is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox with the four-wheel drive assembly. It has a massive towing capacity of 2000kg.

In diesel lineup, there is another bully with 254bhp and 413lb/ft. torque. The 3.0litre six-cylinder diesel engine with extreme power produces good figures in speed and cruising. It takes 5.7 seconds to get from 0-62m/h. impressive performance with the top speed of 145m/h.
This diesel engine is considered as the best for long mileage users. However, it is a six-cylinder 24 valves engine but gives good fuel average of 47m/g with reasonable 156g/km of Co2 emissions. It is equipped with eight-speed automatic transmission system with four-wheel drive. It is capable of towing 2400kg of weight.

Another version of a 3.0litre diesel engine is of 308bhp and 464lb/ft. of torque. It takes only 5.1 seconds to reach 0-62m/h with the top speed of 152m/h. Its fuel average is 47m/g with 157g/km of emissions. This unit is reserved for 35d M Sports model only. 

BMW 530i a smart performer sedan

Tough driving for long distances is very much possible in this car

The most important part of a car is its engine and BMW 530i engine is a class act by engineers of the company. Twin power turbo to make agility maximum for fun driving, four-cylinder engine capable of producing 248hp and variable valve control technology you get great performance.
Direct injection is precise that ensures fuel economy. Air curtains and air breath function of the car help it to perform smoothly. Auto start and stop function are also to save fuel and less engaging driving experience. Engine cooling system is also automatic so it keeps vehicle ready for the long journey with some tough driving.
Another tech feature to improve mileage is brake energy regeneration so all you need has been provided to keep average fuel consumption up to claims. Three modes are present to control driving dynamics, give you eco pro, comfort, and sports variations.
 You get eight-speed auto transmissions that have sport and manual shifting modes. With all these features you get a car of thumping impression. Therefore, it does not matter if you are obsessed with the thrill of speed and conscious of fuel economy this would surely answer to your contradictory needs.
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Upscale lavish interior settings

You can move the front seat in sixteen directions to adjust it to the most suitable driving position according to height and body type. Moreover, four-way lumber supports lets driver relaxed after hours of controlling the steering.
You can memorize your seat settings so that next time you get on it instant best position for you will be offered. The cabin of this BMW sedan has been made lavish with fine upholstery, wood trim and anthracite headlining. Tech features surely making it a fantastic room to ride in so it is all set to make you love it.

The exterior of the car marked with LED lights and kidney grille

From the exterior, you can notice LED adaptive headlights, LED fog lights, chrome line trim, side mirrors that are heated also has power folding feature and non-metallic paint. Thus, a very fine appearance of a car has been promised to match the exquisite interior.
Anti-theft stereo system, radio data system, CD, and MP3 player are also present in the sound segment. There are twelve speakers to support this and a digital amplifier is supporting it too. Higher resolution 10.2 inches touch screen has been precisely placed to manage BMW navigation and other features with a touch.
The most modern iDrive 6.0 system has been made part of a standard package for every car of this model.

Space is practically designed for maximum advantage

Ride quality is magnificent and you never find anything disturbing while travelling in it. Climate control is automatic and it acts separately for right and left vents. Dual cup holders are for both rows of seats that are indicating interior for four persons only.
However three in the back row can adjust without much compromise. There are other storage places indoors and under the centre of front seats as well so cabin, space practicality should be appreciated as well.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

BMW 330d Coupe engine power increase

Apart from trim packages, there is long list of optional features

When you think of rear wheel drive cars nothing can be better than BMW cars. BMW 330d is getting better in every model and it is necessary to compete the rivals that keep raising bar higher in every edition.
Engine power has been increased to surprise the buyers. Factors that can persuade anyone to consider this option are energetic machines that use fuel intelligently, splendid look, handling and driving excellence and sporty feel.
This 3series of the company offer twenty seven variants and it is not easy to differentiate among them. You get a choice of petrol and diesel engines both with automatic and manual speed transmissions. If you need a reliable, affordable and Genuine Parts of any BMW and MINI visit and get free price quotes.
Body shapes and designs are also not same in this way huge variety in every series is waiting for you. Apart from trim packages optional features’ list is also quite extensive so you can make a car exclusive with selection of technology and comfort.

A true sports car feel is waiting for you

330d Coupe model has 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine that gives an astounding torque of 520Nm. Power of the machine is 180kW so you can expect a lot from this when driving. This figure of torque is even more than that of the most expensive in the range and it is really good to start with.
It would give you feel of proper sports car and decades of experience of the car maker has made it a refined diesel car. It takes just six seconds to cross the barrier of 100kmh speed and fuel economy is impressive as it uses 6.2 litres to cover 100km distance.
This fuel consumption figure is on combined cycle so you can expect even better when cruising on a highway. On congested roads engine rattling sound may disturb you but it is altogether different on wide open roads.

You get satisfaction from every feature of the car

Luckily it is not a drab looking car so it satiates your aesthetic sense too. Body design is great and in black color its grandeur gets more prominent. Everything is sleek but contemporary so view from side or front has a pulling factor.
From sharp exterior of the car you can understand what is beneath waiting for you. The company maintains its peculiarity so you can find it lot different from close rivals. This car is to satisfy buyers in all areas like performance, comfort and fuel efficiency. It is a vehicle that masters all features and a master piece of engineering.
No one desires that their car engine became damage due to mis-fulling. It happens only due to a minor mistake. There may be different factors like busy routine, mobile usage during fuel refilling, stress, or anything else. When any of these factors exist, there are vital chances that you put wrong fuel in car

Acceleration is good but well in control

BMW 330d Coupe is nimble and sporty and you must not compare it with other. It is easier to get familiar to driving and handling characteristics of the car and it takes you few days to understand these.
Not only acceleration is good but to keep it under control you have efficient braking and it makes it a perfect car to enjoy driving. The engine gets alive instantly and there is no body roll or just a little so whipping it with speed pedal is not that risky.
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