Wednesday, 30 May 2018

BMW 330d Coupe engine power increase

Apart from trim packages, there is long list of optional features

When you think of rear wheel drive cars nothing can be better than BMW cars. BMW 330d is getting better in every model and it is necessary to compete the rivals that keep raising bar higher in every edition.
Engine power has been increased to surprise the buyers. Factors that can persuade anyone to consider this option are energetic machines that use fuel intelligently, splendid look, handling and driving excellence and sporty feel.
This 3series of the company offer twenty seven variants and it is not easy to differentiate among them. You get a choice of petrol and diesel engines both with automatic and manual speed transmissions. If you need a reliable, affordable and Genuine Parts of any BMW and MINI visit and get free price quotes.
Body shapes and designs are also not same in this way huge variety in every series is waiting for you. Apart from trim packages optional features’ list is also quite extensive so you can make a car exclusive with selection of technology and comfort.

A true sports car feel is waiting for you

330d Coupe model has 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine that gives an astounding torque of 520Nm. Power of the machine is 180kW so you can expect a lot from this when driving. This figure of torque is even more than that of the most expensive in the range and it is really good to start with.
It would give you feel of proper sports car and decades of experience of the car maker has made it a refined diesel car. It takes just six seconds to cross the barrier of 100kmh speed and fuel economy is impressive as it uses 6.2 litres to cover 100km distance.
This fuel consumption figure is on combined cycle so you can expect even better when cruising on a highway. On congested roads engine rattling sound may disturb you but it is altogether different on wide open roads.

You get satisfaction from every feature of the car

Luckily it is not a drab looking car so it satiates your aesthetic sense too. Body design is great and in black color its grandeur gets more prominent. Everything is sleek but contemporary so view from side or front has a pulling factor.
From sharp exterior of the car you can understand what is beneath waiting for you. The company maintains its peculiarity so you can find it lot different from close rivals. This car is to satisfy buyers in all areas like performance, comfort and fuel efficiency. It is a vehicle that masters all features and a master piece of engineering.
No one desires that their car engine became damage due to mis-fulling. It happens only due to a minor mistake. There may be different factors like busy routine, mobile usage during fuel refilling, stress, or anything else. When any of these factors exist, there are vital chances that you put wrong fuel in car

Acceleration is good but well in control

BMW 330d Coupe is nimble and sporty and you must not compare it with other. It is easier to get familiar to driving and handling characteristics of the car and it takes you few days to understand these.
Not only acceleration is good but to keep it under control you have efficient braking and it makes it a perfect car to enjoy driving. The engine gets alive instantly and there is no body roll or just a little so whipping it with speed pedal is not that risky.

Monday, 14 May 2018

BMW 320i engine excellence and luxury

Driving modes allow you to enjoy fuel economy and whipping speed

F30 model of BMW was launched in 2011 and updated after three years is neither cheap nor high priced car. BMW320i offers plenty of pricy optional features that can be added on request of buyers. Before read more about BMW 320i Engine visit for all type of BMW and Mini Engines.
You also get roadside assistance and warranty for a period of three years that is surely a good thing because these two facilities are for unlimited kilometers. Another pre-paid five years package is also offered by the manufacturer that includes annual checking, engine oil, filters, spark plugs and service charges. So there is also a choice for people considering it for their garage.
Engine is 2.0 litre that has automatic eight speed transmissions that run it smoothly and in sport driving mode become surprisingly quick. In eco pro mode you would feel unwanted engine sound and minor vibration due to maximum possible gear change time to save fuel. Average hundred kilometer distance covered in seven and half litre fuel that is quite acceptable.
General riding it is a smoother experience but on potholes and bumps it may suffer little bit.

Rear wheel drive sedan is a great appeal

There is no spare tire like other cars of the company and if you get it flat then you can go eighty kilometers at maximum speed of 80km/h. But tire changing is also a time taking exercise so it will be better to avoid any such situation. This rear wheel drive sedan is a great appeal for people like to cruise along on highways every now and then.
Cabin space is adequate for a family having one or two youngsters but for three adults its rear seat is not a comfortable option to travel. It is perfect BMW car and whatever you expect from a vehicle of this company readily available in it. High quality chassis and working of engine are most important.

320i petrol power machine is capable of 184hp

It is often believed that fun to drive cars mostly use petrol but BMW 3 series diesel engines are enough to change this notion of experts. But 320i petrol power machine capable of 184hp and 270Nm torque is a 2.0 litre petrol machine and equally impressive as any of other cars present in this series.
No noise of engine when you put it into action and it remains so most time of your drive. It accelerates in no time as it takes just above seven seconds to reach 100km/h speed mark. It is better than two close rivals of the car.

New more attractive exterior of the car

Exterior of the car is bolder, sharper and smarter than before so temptations are bit higher too to purchase one of 3 series. Inside you get appropriate safety features like airbags to come in action in case of collision.
In test drive sports plus mode is found best option if thrilling drive experience is your choice. But while doing so you have to forget about fuel economy. Peerless handling of the car as far as this segment is concerned places it quite high in rankings.

Monday, 30 April 2018

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is an outstanding brand of the house

BMW is a legendary automobile company, renowned all over the world for its vehicles. Its 2 Series Active Tourer is one of them. It is not a hot cake of the automobile market but it is impressive in its attitude and road behavior.

It is powerful, great road grip with AWD, manual and automatic transmissions are good to operate along with nice and well-arranged interior. Its latest AWD option is welcomed by the experts. Citroen C4 Picasso, Ford C-Max and Mercedes Benz B-Class are its main rivals. Continue to read more about 2 Series Active Tourer must visit for more information and latest technology.

Excellent hybrid engines are its strength

There is huge line up with active petrol engines and frugal diesel engines but the Hybrid is the finest one in the whole range. Plenty of option to choose from engines. In petrol engines category there is a 2.0 litre engine with 227bhp and 258lb/ft torque.
It is the pick of the experts. It takes 6.1 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 145m/h. fuel consumption of this petrol engine is very good with 45m/g along with 150g/km of Co2 emissions. It is available with multi transmissions with front-wheel drive and AWD options.
In diesel engines there is a 2.0 litre with 147bhp and 243lb/ft torque. It is the best in the whole engine range overall. It is quick in response and takes 7.1 seconds to get from 0-62m/h and top speed of this engine is 140m/h. it is also available in six-speed manual gearbox and automatic transmissions with front-0wheel drive and AWD option as standard. Its fuel average is 60m/g with 120g/km of Co2 emissions.
Petrol/hybrid Plug in engine is capable of 220bhp and 284lb/ft torque. It is the fastest one with 6.5 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 125m/h. 1.5litre petrol engine is coupled with electric motor in this combination. It is fitted with AWD option as standard. Its CO2 emissions are 50g/km. We offer used and recon BMW 2 series engines for sale at lowest prices allover UK.

General features and equipment are exclusive

General features are impressive one. With ABS, air conditioning, remote locking, CD player, standard airbags with side curtain, electric mirrors, electric seats, folding rear seats, front fog lights, front electric windows, steering rake and reach adjustment, adaptive cruise control, traction  control, stability control, AWD system , ISOFIX children seats, Sat Nav, Dab radio, seven –inch color display LCD and many more.

Safety and reliability is good

It is a safe vehicle from every point of view. Some minor issues are under observation but its overall safety and reliability is good with four stars out of five stars. Euro NCAP is quite satisfied by the overall behavior of the vehicle for all users.

Interior is good with reasonable practical approach

Interior of BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is awesome. There is everything in it that a luxurious brand has. It is marvelous and comfortable. Dashboard is wide and broad packed with plenty of useful and delicate features. Different controls are good to see and use as well. Interior is equipped with standard material with stylish, appealing and graceful manner.  Practicality is also good with ample space for all occupants. At back there is a huge storage space for luggage.
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