Friday, 12 January 2018

BMW i3 is a rugged vehicle but good in output

Its appearance is very odd

BMW i3 is an impressive item but expensive to buy, I think.
BMW is a big name of automobile industry with international repute and fame of excellent products. BMW has a big range of products in its catalogue. It has big and luxurious SUVs and excellent saloon with elite comfort. It has great hatchbacks and extra ordinary fast things under its belt. In electric division, it has good vehicles. BMW i3 is one of them with outstanding and exceptional designing and approach. Its built is robust though not very popular due to its unique designing but great in performance. It has powerful electric motors with different powers.  Renault ZOE and Vauxhall Up are its competitors.  
Two options are there in motors
BMW offers two options in motors for its clients. It has 167bhp and 180bhp electric motors under its bonnet. Both are capable and worthy in response. Today we discuss 180bhp motor in detail. It creates 200lb/ft torque which is equal to 275Nm. Its top speed is 100m/h along with 6.7seconds sprint time for 0-62m/h speed. 

It is fitted with one speed automatic gear box with rear wheel drive unit as standard. It offers great driving experience with quiet and soothing interior. Its output is impressive. Though it is dear to buy but it is very easy to live with this vehicle. It is BMW i3. We provide best quality used BMW 3 series engine for sale all over UK. Continue to read more visit us at first and get free quotes.         
Exterior and interior are great
It has great exterior of dashing style and unique designing. Its impressive stylish look is appealing one but some have some strong reservations against its body structure. BMW has tried to give an outstanding look to its exterior so that’s why it has made its exterior different from normal exteriors. Though it is rugged in look and approach but good and stylish, overall. Interior is good and well arranged. It has good sitting capacity with hip hugging sports seats. Dashboard is impressive in built with plenty of great features, make the vehicle comfortable, soothing and relaxed for its users. Its rugged outer built has its own impression. It has muggy front, with BMW emblem with two openings at front.

 Front bumper is good in look with good fog lights openings and style. Side walls are great in designing. Doors are really unique in themselves. Side mirrors are novel as well in their designing, rear portion is good and outstanding with good and strong notes, and solid structure gives it a compact look.
Features are great with good practicality
3x3 point rear seats belts, anti lock braking system, air conditioning unit, different types of alarms and indicators are there to warn for safety purpose, alloy and steel wheels, body colored bumpers, audio remote, adaptive cruise control, dual zone climate control, traction control, PAS, remote and central locking, satellite  navigation, CD player and multi CD Changer, DVD, parking sensors, heated mirrors and seats, electric  mirrors and windows, ISOFIX children seat anchor points, folding rear seats, parking sensors, reverse camera view assist, standard airbags with side curtains and steering wheel rake and reach adjustment. Safety features are good with good practicality. Overall features are great in response.

Monday, 18 December 2017

BMW 120i 1.6-litre petrol engine

The powerful motor of the car will keep your aspirations high
Limited cabin space in the 1series cars of BMW is mainly due to longitude of engine designed for rear wheel drive. But motor under the bonnet worthy that much space 1.6 litre turbo twin power petrol engine is capable of producing 177hp and 250NM of torque. With that much power it gets to hundred kilometers per hour speed in just 7.2 seconds. Slump in petroleum prices does not make owners really bother about fuel economy but even then fuel consumption is well under control and you can cover distance of 100km for just 5.9 litres. The other immediately felt difference is ride comfort and you can enjoy traveling on motorway in BMW120i M Sport suspension. The steering wheel keeps exciting drive crispy with ability to run on winding roads. Road holding of the vehicle is also nice and you can overtake with greater ease due to perky motor. We offer best quality Used BMW 120i 1.6-litre engine for sale all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes .

Interior is to enhance comfort of cabin occupants
With largest display monitor in its class it has managed to offer superb view of navigation. Applications menu of the car maker allows access to a number of services with smartphone connectivity. 

The steering wheel has fabric cover and it provides a nice feel. Upholstery is also of cloth so elegant layout of interior has fine look as well. Two zone air conditioning and rear air vent offers new level of comfort to all the riders alike. Hi-fi system with seven speakers turns this cabin a real entertaining place. Bluetooth and USB support further enhance the options for occupants of the seats in vehicle. Use of aluminum on pedals and handles Continue to read more about BMW 120i must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Selling of 1Series units
The record has been revealing astounding figures of selling of over two million units of 1series cars in world. It is very much clear from features of the automobile that this trend will remain same in coming years as well. Premium compact class segment has this rear wheel drive car with balanced weight distribution. 

It will also help to boost driving experience. The list of features may increase by choosing trim packages that will also add to driving ease. Standard equipment package has now increased further to make it an offer of philanthropist. Led headlights and fog lights are striking changes when you look at the new model. Alloy wheels of 17 inch have been redesigned and M Sport trim level offers 18 inch wheel options.
iDrive6 is quite useful
Providing live content through iDrive6 system is the main attraction for the riders. You can make vehicle settings with few simple steps on aforesaid facility. For front row riders not only plenty of room is available but also number of storing places. 

Two cup holders and a tray in centre console and a box with lid is also there. Glove box of good size with door bins having enough space to hold large size bottles. Headroom for rear seat occupants is ideal and storing places are rather tight. Rear air vents are adjustable and it has been appreciated well. So you get premium car with a number of advantageous features.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

BMW Z4 is an excellent cabriolet of the day

Engines are powerful, offer speed and performance

The best in convertibles with powerful engines and excellent exterior it is nothing else but BMW Z4 Roadster
Powerful and dashing convertible with outstanding in appearance, the BMW Z4 Roadster is amazing vehicle of its class. It is a fine blend of performance and style. Excellent look with magnificent exterior and comfortable interior is its hall mark. Features are great with good practical approach. Its engine range is powerful and quiet with great smoothness while cruising. It’s strong and powerful built is impressive. Heavy built has its own impression. Wide and ground touching frame gives extra ordinary road grip and wonderful control on top speed. Rivals are good but it is amazing vehicle, fantastic in each and every section. Continue to read more BMW Z4 Roadster must visit BMW Engine Works first.
Engine range is powerful and dynamic
Good powerful petrol engines are its strength. There is no diesel engine but petrol engines are enough to maintain its worth as a convertible. There are 2.0litre, 2.5litre and 3.0litre petrol engines with outstanding performance. The right pick is 3.0litre petrol engine with 301bhp and 295lb/ft torque. It is good in pick and overall performance.

It takes 5.0 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h. It is the fastest in convertibles. This petrol engine offers just 30m/g of fuel average along with 219g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six speed manual and automatic gear boxes with rear wheel drive units as standard. We offer best quality Used BMW Z Series Engine  at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free quotes.
Exterior and interior are superb
BMW is well renowned for its fabulous designing and excellent exterior and well refined interior. In its Z4 Roadster, BMW has used all its techniques to make it a super convertible. Its exterior is out of question in designing and standard. Its front is impressive with outstanding finishing touches tail is good sides are great. Interior is packed well with quality features. Dash board is well built and knitted with quality features. Sitting arrangement is absolutely well. Overall its exterior and interior are good.
Features and equipment are great in look, touch and feel with good practicality
BMW Z4 Roadster is an outstanding convertible with great features and equipment. It has luxury features with great comfort and feel. There are anti lock braking system with EBD System Assist, Drive Dynamic control assist is an assisting system which helps the driver to adjust throttle and steering response as per taste and requirement, different types of alarms and indicators are there to warn and assist drivers.

LED daytime running lights, Xenon headlamps with washers, standard air bags with side curtains, climate control with automatic air conditioning unit, seventeen and eighteen-inches alloy wheels with unique design to support its speed and running performance, heated speed and cooled seats with heated mirrors and electric windows, lumbar supported seats, sat nav, CD, DVD player with multi CD changer, Bluetooth connectivity, telephone assist, USB port availability, parking sensors with rear and front view camera assist, steering wheel rake and reach adjustment is also available. All features are of great standards and the stuff is out class. Fine touches of metal and wood along with leather upholstery are great in touch and look. Safety standards are good but Euro NCAP is not satisfied with its safety features and it gave BMW Z4 Roadster just 3 stars out of five but BMW is quite satisfied with these score.
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