Wednesday, 14 December 2016

BMW 228i xDrive Engine

If you want to make your life exciting, you must go for BMW 228i with smooth drive and muscular engine.

BMW 228i xDrive

The life should be lived with full zeal and zest. One should earn enough to go for luxuries rather than mere needs. In my opinion, car is a need but a car along with BMW tag is a luxury. BMW is a German luxurious vehicles producing company known for its flawless productions in the whole world. This company has cast a spell over the people of every state for the last few years. Although all the cars by BMW are worth purchasing but 2 series is personally my favorite. This article mainly discusses the specialties of elegant BMW 228i xdrive. Find more specialties of bmw cars visit BMW Engine Works.
Interior and exterior:          
As the rest of the 2-series family, the strong 228i is well-built on bones derived from the F30-generation 3-series. Actually it’s the follow-up to the 1-series coupe or convertible; the silhouette is quite similar, but the car is almost 2.5 inches longer, 1.0 inch wider and well stretched 1.2 inches between the axles. And exclusively, for 2015, all-wheel drive is accessible on this littlest BMW for the first time. (It was never ever offered on the 1.) On the 228i, xDrive is simply an $1800 option.

BMW 228i Interior

The 228i comes up with the standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, automatic dual-zone climate control, a tilt-and-telescoping leather-wrapped fine steering wheel (along with paddle shifters on automatic-transmission models) and eight-way manual (non-automatic) front seats. The standard electronics array includes audio connectivity and Bluetooth phone, BMW's iDrive electronics interface with a clear 6.5-inch display and a classy seven-speaker sound system with a CD player, HD radio and a USB port.
A Premium package is also available for the 228i, which directly bundles power-folding heated side mirrors, rearview mirrors and auto-dimming side, ambient exterior and interior lighting, keyless entrance and ignition, 10-way power front comfy sport seats, driver memory functions and satellite radio.

BMW 228i xDrive Engine

A muscular 240-hp 228i xDrive coupe is the first four-wheel-drive 2-series test car. As in all of its applications, the powerful BMW 228i engines 2.0-liter four is surprisingly stout. It whips the little coupe to 60 mph in only 5.0 seconds—a tenth behind the back-drive 228i. The AWD version’s quarter-mile absolutely matches the rear-drive at 13.7 seconds and 101 mph. The auditory accompaniment is aggressively gruff, such that you hope to feel coarseness but you don’t. It is about as gnarly as this engine is going to get, and we all like it. We also love how tidy the 2-series feels. It’s refreshing; it's cool, in this age of bloat, to get into a car that really feels compact. Its small size makes it feel as if you could completely steer the 2-series through your front door and straight into the living room, where you would kick back on the couch and prop your heels quickly on the BMW’s roof.

BMW 228i Rear View

I assume that BMW’s engineers might have had ottomans on the brain when they were doing the tuning the 228i xDrive chassis, because it’s a little bit more relaxed than we’d prefer. The steering is exceptionally quick, but it is also light and not particularly communicative. Skid pad grip, at 0.87 g, is more than enough for Sunday drives, but the 183-foot stop from 70 mph would have comfortably landed the 228i in last place in the most-recent minivan comparison test. Just blame the low-rolling-resistance all-season rubber for that one, but the credit fine chassis tuning for extracting otherwise admirable performance in spite of the tires. As it is, the 228i xDrive is really so stable that it had us desiring for more power—say, the M235i’s 320-horse straight-six.

To sum up, it can be said that BMW 228i xDrive is a smart choice indeed!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

BMW and Toyota Create the Z4

BMW and Toyota collectively develop the Z4 with a new roof

BMW as well as Toyota is about to drop a bombshell on you, offering the magnificent Z4, which was created in the wake of putting the inner intelligent abilities of the engineers of both world class automaker companies. BMW and Toyota collectively came into effect in order to develop an amazing car across the world to get the rivals down, while offering not only incredible technologies but also a new developed roof with an excellent design and magnificent style. Before continue to read more about Z4, must visit BMW Engine Works first.

They are looking for enjoying the benefit and get the success by means of the Z4, all over. There are plenty of powerful rivals are going on with waiting for getting the Z4 down. Porsche 718 is one of the greatest rival all of them, which is prepared with a powerful engines and new luxury look and has the ideal strategy to make its mark in the world, while targeting at the Z4 in the sake of having a competition with it. Although the Z4 is a bunch of new technologies, yet don't make light of rivals.

Over All Shape

The Z4 reveals a magnificent shape, all over. It churns out the familiar set-back cabin as well as part rear-end with long bonnet. However, it turns up larger kidney look than ever and delivers the luxury visible design lights. The Exterior was developed to drag the attention of the people and gives some glances like a beautiful world queen. The interior offers plenty of amazing new techs with systems. All over, the Z4 comes with extraordinary abilities and dulcet design so that it may make it mark like a dark horse.

BMW Z4 Rear View

Soft Top

BMW doing the copy of Porsche while offering the soft roof. It has got rid of current heavy metal folding roof of the Z4 to be called a lighter car. It is too good to deliver the soft roof not only the Z4 but also the lovers of BMW. The Z4 comes with soft-top is to aim more towards the Porsche Boxster and shows more refined cars like Mercedes SLC. Meanwhile, the soft roof top gets the rear-windows for production.

Z4 Interior

Let's Know about Weight

The Z4 comes up delivering the same lightweight body construction as the i3 and i8. There is a bit difference in the Z4 body weight; it delivers the soft-roof and ditches the heavy metal folding roof that cuts down its weight than before. As a conclusion, it is too lightweight to enjoy everywhere to go to a trip with better half as well as kith and kin.

The Z5


BMW Z5 is being developed without taking a bit help of Toyota. The Z5 will be a car that takes the mark of purely BMW development and shows the different qualities, characteristics, and abilities from other such as the Z5, i3 and i8. On the other hands, Toyota is on fire to use the platform for its own sport car. The new Toyota car design takes after the Z5, all over. Rumouras suggest it may bring back the iconic 'Supra' name, in future.
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

BMW M4 GTS keep its Riders up at Night

BMW M4 Arrives in the UK and it Wows its Audience All over the UK

The all new BMW M4 arrives in the UK last month with its sorted chassis and bonkers soundtrack to keep its lovers up in the night.


But is still very hard to confirm that how it will perform on the pitted back UK roads because it has performed greatly on the Spanish circuit with 3.0-litre twin turbocharged BMW engines and crossed the 62 miles per hour mark on the odometer in just 3.8 seconds. Before continue to read more, must check out BMW Engine Works first.

 How Many Coming to the UK?

BMW has stated that there will be only 700 model built for the global market however only 30 are coming to the UK.

What Engines the New M4 has?

All new BMW M4 has one of the best engines under the bonnet. It is a slightly modified version of the standard 3.0-litre twin turbocharger straight six engine with power output of 425bhp to the even hefty 495bhp.

What’s New in the Engine?

This all new BMW engine has been powered by the same clever water injection technology which was first seen on the MotoGP safety car, it was also an M4 and our drivers drove it in April.

BMW M4 GTS Engine

This technology helps the engine by spraying the water into the combustion chambers to ultimately reduce the internal engine temperature. When engine works at lower temperatures, it boosts the pressure and power delivery.

What is on the Road Performance?

The all new BMW M4 with new technologies and mountain of power from the engine rockets from standstill to 62 miles per hour in just under four seconds and it has the top speed of 190 miles per hour. It also has an impressive traction that is different from a standard BMW by any mean.

BMW M4 GTS Rear View

On the track, it is even impressive as we have decided the range topping M4 is a greatly entertaining car. It pushes you into the world far different from the standard world of BMW motoring. But we are still concerned that if it will be able to cope with the potholes and ridges.

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Thursday, 28 April 2016

BMW 320i Latest Model is Highly Rated

BMW Offers Comprehensive Comfort and Refined Engines in the Exclusively Built 3-Series

If you are looking for a comprehensive car for comfort, speed and perfect exterior BMW 3 series latest car BMW 320i is your ultimate choice. Refined cabin interior with sport look the vehicle has exceptional features so one can not deny having a drive. It is a luxurious sporty sedan that is why favorite of most of people in this class. Powerful and efficient engine that does not cost much when it comes to fuel consumption is another big advantage for the buyers. As all other cars of this series in 2016 models have an altered exterior and the car being discussed is no exception. You can find the high performance BMW 320i engines for sale at BMW Engine Works.

BMW 320i

Compact luxury car is quite befitting to describe new look. An impressive facelift has been made with certain changes. Headlights are now full LED that is sharper and more angular as well. Shape of taillights also is renewed. To give a closer look of 4 series to the car front and rear bumpers are also restyled. Inside of the vehicle is not that much altered so no great changes one can see when open the doors or have a ride on it.

Navigation system and information features are also promised to work better than the previous ones. Enhanced dynamic capabilities of the vehicle are significantly described by the manufacturer. Interior becomes richer with more use of chrome and gloss black trim. Drive and ride comfort levels are also high as there are more space on front speed and spacious cargo facility.

BMW 320i Interior

Balancing is good and steering handling is even more precise. Variable sport steering, brakes and adaptive suspension are other plus points to attract customers. Under the bonnet you will find an impressive engine that takes acre of fuel consumption and environment protection. Eight speed automatic transmissions or slick six-speed manual is your choice as all engines offer rear of four wheel drive. And if you want to Buy BMW 320i automatic gearbox at cheap prices then visit and get FREE prices quote online.

BMW 320i Engine

It is 4 cylinder turbocharged engine and would remain very much same. Engine noise is lesser when compared to the previous edition. It is a complete luxury car that inspires the onlookers and those who would experience the ride. It is equally good in city traffic and on highways. The car takes less than 5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60mph. With lesser car weight speed is always on the higher side. Finally you can enjoy auto start and stop function in new BMW320i sedan. With all these reasoning one can say it is a car that matches your demands.
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