Monday, 23 January 2017

The BMW M3 a good performer overall

Equipped with powerful and efficient engines range


The latest BMW M3 a legendry saloon is more efficient and effective in performance, with huge power and rear-wheel drive arrangement, than its predecessors.

 It is a fact that the BMW M3 is a high performance model of 3-Series. It is the siblings to the BMW M4 coupe and M4 convertible. It’s a car of generations because of its superb output and handling. The BMW M3 has remained a sole saloon version in 3-Series after removing sports coupe and convertible models from the series in 2015. Throughout of its career the M3 has won many championships and racing competitions. Rivals are very few but competent such as the Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes-AMG C63 and elegant Audi RS4. Read more about BMW M3 must, visit BMW Engine Works first.

 A 3.0litre straight-six twin-turbocharged petrol unit with sporty exhausts is really speedy one.

BMW M3 Engine

No doubt that the 4.0litre V8 petrol delivered 420bhp and takes 5.0 seconds to get 0-62m/h, but the latest M3 is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.0litre straight six. It produces 431bhp, 10bhp more than its predecessor. It takes only 4.1 seconds to get 0-62m/h. The M3 is faster than most of models in this range. These mighty BMW M3 engines are equipped with the Dual Clutch semi-automatic Transmission (DCT).  By   the help of this automatic system the M3 produces incredible uninterrupted bursts of acceleration, while the manual gearbox is not as fast as the automatic, lags just couple of tenths behind. The 4.0litre V8 gave its best performance when equipped with manual gearbox and claimed 32.1m/g of fuel average with emissions of Co2 at the rate of 204g/km. The new M3 with 3.0litre version is capable to reach 156m/h with reasonable fuel average of 34.0m/g, emitting 194g/km of co2.

The new BMW M3 is highly capable in handling after lot of improvements

BWM M3 Rear View

The new BMW M3 is lighter than its predecessors. Though it is a four-door saloon, but in weight it is just 100kg heavier than the two-door M4 coupe with its 1600kg of weight. Lightweight means more speed and acceleration along with more difficulties in handling. The manufacturer has controlled the lightweight M3 by lowering its centre of gravity.  The key point is to keep the bulk of the mass as low down within the car as possible to produce a good road grip. Its Bespoke aluminum suspensions work amazingly good at speed and electronically controlled adjustable dampers allow the driver to adjust the stiffness of the car accordingly to the conditions of the road. 

Good interior equipped with latest technology

M3 Interior

The new M3 is equipped with a good and handy interior. The dashboard is clear to read and is fitted with advanced technology that helps you to control the vehicle if you take off your eyes off the road on speed. The hip hugging sports seats with adjustments are fine enough- with lots of high quality leather and soft touch plastics- the quality feels good inside. There is lots of standard equipment including dual-zone climate control, electric heated memory seats, DAB, sat-nav, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The M3 gets the car maker’s excellent iDrive infotainment system that’s effective and easy to use.

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