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Why BMW 114d Engine is the lion of the whole BMW line up?

BMW 114d

BMW 114d from BMW 1 series is the king of market in terms of outclass styling and as far as its engine concerns, OMG, its simply sturdy and offers you smart and smooth drive.

Brief history of BMW:

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, and it is the most famous, fascinating and world’s leading automobile manufacturing German label founded in 1916. According to an estimate in 2014, this company earned a profit of €5.817 billion which makes the BMW world’s best-selling luxury automakers. This company is well known for its luxury sports cars, but the bicycles and motorcycles made by BMW even casted a spell on the people of the Earth.
BMW truly includes unsurpassed features like Signaling Equipment, iDrive System, Driving Dynamics, Optional Equipment, Undercover Vehicles and many more. It is now possible to find addresses on the internet and transfer to navigation system as destinations. BMW technology involves speed sensitive variable steering radio, mass produced aluminum engines, laser lights, mass produced carbon fiber passenger tub, turbo-tri diesel engine, independent throttle body for each cylinder, double VANOS variable timing, and many more. Continue to read more about BMW 114d must, visit BMW Engine Works first.

Introduction about the lion, BMW 114d:

BMW 114d Interior

BMW has always created marvelous vehicles and BMW 114d is one of them. It is a new entrance-level model, the BMW 114d, obtainable in three-door and five-door variants. In three-door form the recent One Series contains some very nice proportions though the styling remains discordant. Personally, I like it. If driving performance is not your first priority, this car gives purchasers the opportunity to add extra spec and options without driving the price up importantly. In this case is aided further by the Black Sapphire metallic paint and the smart Sport package which adds sports seats, 17-inch alloy wheels and Coral Red Dakota leather interior. BMW does involve a multi-function steering wheel and the DAB digital radio as standard on this car too.

What we have got in the monstrous BMW 114d?                       

Given what the future specially holds for BMW’s platform designs, this is probably to be the last rear-wheel drive One Series. Not that it actually matters in this case as the engine’s lowered power output doesn’t provide a particularly thrilling driving experience, even with that traditional BMW back-wheel drive setup. While driving in town, the manual (non-automatic) gearbox has a stiff action, not helped by the fact that this test car had very low mileage on it. Yes, many praise that ‘mechanical’ feel that BMW’s manual gearboxes incline to have, but in stop-start traffic and with reduced levels of power it did become slightly tedious.

Boot space in the BMW 114d:

Boot Space

Although (currently) BMW’s smallest mainstream model, the smart 114d is spacious enough up front but back legroom is restricted and the car clearly remains very much a 2 plus 2 and in the case of this typical three door model, ingress and egress for back passengers is tight. Boot space is a lavish 360 liters which is on a par with most of its opponents and can be increased to 1,200 liters by just folding down the rear seats, which coincidentally have a 40:20:40 split.

Which kind of engine we have got in the BMW 114d?

BMW 114d includes a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine along with BMW Twin Power Turbo technology. The BMW 114d engine, which has a supercharging system mainly with variable turbine technology and Bosch Common Rail direct fuel injection working at a maximum pressure of 1,600 bar, produces 95 hp (70 kW) and 173 pound-feet (235 Nm) of torque. Both the models can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in almost 12.2 seconds and have a top speed of 114 mph (185 km/h). Relying on the tires selected, consumption of fuel from the EU test cycle will specifically range between 57.4 to 58.7 mpg (4.1 to 4.3 l/100 km). 
Emissions of CO2 will range between 109 and 112 grams per km. The 114d is nicely equipped with all of the BMW Efficient Dynamics technology that test takers have come to expect including brake energy regeneration, electronic power steering, shift point indicator, on-demand auxiliary components, automatic start-stop functionality, and tires with reduced rolling resistance. Another 114d's standard feature included is the Eco Pro mode button that is a part of the Driver Experience Control system and permits the driver to set the car’s program to a more frugal driving mode.
BMW 114d Engine

Rivals of the BMW 114d:

Naturally the BMW 114d has some healthy competition, specifically in the form of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf, and even though the speedy Audi may be slightly better to drive, the pleasant BMW still has huge badge appeal, not to highlight one of the best interiors. It is however a spec-sensitive car, so if one does choose to go for a One, spending that little bit extra on few of the different specification packages accessible could make a big difference.

What we say about the mighty BMW 114d?

To sum up, we can say that BMW’s smallest offering is still one of the most impressive hatchbacks on the road. It may be somewhat dull inside and out but it is one of the most engaging and aggressive cars to drive. With the new frugal engines, the one series proposes a superior blend of economy and performance. The 114d is really a striking car with sturdy and vigorous engine and all these specifications makes this car a running lion on the road.
BMW 114d Rear View

Therefore, you would feel yourself in the air while having the steering of BMW 114d in your hand, going somewhere for a party, I am damn sure that when you leave people behind while driving BMW 114d, everybody watching you will fall in love. Oh! Not with you man but with the one and only BMW 114d. Now all you have to do is to contact a BMW dealer and purchase BMW 114d and hopefully, this car will be a car of dreams for you after your first drive.
What do you say?

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