Tuesday, 20 June 2017

BMW 120d miracle in a small body

Driving fun packed in a powerful engine

BMW 120d may not be placed in the practical car range due to its less space in the back, but every car is not meant to be practical. Some engines are meant to be just for driving fun and enjoying the luxury packed in this small BMW miracle. In the earlier times diesel was not an attractive choice but present diesel engine ranges have proved it wrong.
With improved technology and powerful noiseless ride, one cannot say now that diesel engine is not for purchase for a luxury choice. This small vehicles outlook is not just an ordinary one; it totally changes from what it looks like from the front. The front is the usual BMW style but from the rear the cut and trim changes for inclination towards sportier look. To read more about BMW 120d visit BMW Engine Works first.
Engine Provision:
The engine is a magic that encompass this little beauty with rear wheel drive system. The engine that fits the 120d is a powerful one that leads the 2.0 petrol engine. The drive and handling of the car is outclassing. You get that feel which one can get only from a sports car, the shift and the acceleration is what you get when you purchase a 1 series car. The fuel economy is not a problem for the engine and despite of the heavier engine the car does not get imbalanced at any surface.
The quick response of the car gives a lovely ride and the driver feels enormous pleasure throughout the journey. The engine meats the requirements of a healthy emission level with its crisp and quick ride. There is a problem in the lower speeds and the engine noise can be clearly heard but still if you are choosing a sport car version this noise will be sweet to ears. We offer best quality low mileage BMW All Series Engines for sale at affordable price all over UK. Visit bmwengineworks.co.uk and get free price quote.
Interior Specifications:
Form the inside the car is a feel of luxury, but rear seating is a problem. There is space for only two passengers and the third one will feel uncomfortable due to the center console. There is less leg room for the rear passengers and this is the one feature that goes in negative trait for the car
. Climate control air conditioning, 17 inch alloy wheels, rain sensors, clear touch screen and simple controls increase the driving pleasure even more. Sport seats, cruise control, remote central locking, multi function steering wheel and anti theft technology also make the car worth buying.
Ride and Handling:
Due to its small size and light weight, the car responds well to the engine power. The steering operates well and the car obeys its buyer in any way it is being driven. The ride behaves well around the turns and on the highway it seems like a bird flying. Over taking is not a problem for BMW 120d and the car remains in control in no matter what road type it is on.
Suspension is well balanced and helps the car to give a smooth and sound driving experience. Basically this car is a drivers’ car and especially on highway the noiseless drive is a no match to the rivals.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The upcoming BMW M8 model

A Look over the new BMW M8, specs and engine power

BMW M8’s first glimpse
BMW M8 will be launched next year but the auto company has already released some photos of the car leaving BMW fans excited. Running prototype was enough to give us chills down the spine. Teasers of this new model are all over the internet. It is a feast for all the car lovers. To Read more about BMW M8 visit BMW Engine Works first.
Outclass Exterior
Large front air vents are oh-so-obvious making the face look gigantic. There are four tail pipes which define the car’s sporty look. The headlights would have LED or laser units. By design the lights have a sleek trim that is in coherence with its overall look. The side look gives detailed view of wheel arches which are quite wide. And the huge wheels are present alongside contrast brake calipers.
The car’s front gets a prominent look by the curves and edges giving it an angular look. The rear bumper has air vents quite similar to the ones present on the front. Tail lamps will surely grab your attention owing to their classy presence.

Unprecedented Engine power
BMW has not released details about the engine yet. They are keeping it concealed until the official launch obviously. But we know this well that the engine will be on the same lines as 7-series saloon. According to our guess the engine of M8 will get its inspiration from the bi-turbo V12 unit used in the M760Li xDrive. M760Li’s engine gives 600 horsepower and we expect that M8’s engine will be of the same power or maybe more aggressive than this.

Such strong engine is most likely to get paired with an eight-speed auto transmission. The company may be thinking of launching an all-wheel drive version subsequently. We offer best quality low mileage BMW All Series Engines for sale at affordable price all over UK. Visit bmwengineworks.co.uk and get free price quote.
Potential rivals
Next year is going to be a big pomp and show of luxury cars as many auto makers have promised fresh versions and successive models. Many have announced the release of electric vehicles including Audi. BMW M8 is also going to face some fierce competition as Mercedes is planning the launch of AMG S65 Coupe around the same time. This vehicle has 630hp 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 and seven-speed automatic transmission. Bentley on the other hand is also all set for Continental Supersports release which has a potential of 710hp and a 6.0-litre bi-turbo W12 engine alongside eight-speed gear box. These models are going to give some tough time to M8. Let’s see who wins the battle!
Release date and details
It is too early to say anything about the release as there is no official statement made on this by the company. The 8-series 840i and 850i are ready to make debut next year. So, we look forward to the release of M8 hopefully following the launch of these models. However, BMW has announced that M8 will also get a racing car variant which will be named M8 GTE. This will help the company claim back its position in motorsport. The M8 GTE is being planned to debut at the Daytona 24 Hours in January next year.

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