Thursday, 20 July 2017

BMW 5 Series a Technology loaded Saloon

A complete range for luxury and extreme driving pleasure

For those who are in search of a saloon that is loaded with all the new technologies of present day, your search will definitely end when you get to know the BMW 5 series. This car takes your driving experience to greater heights with the helping gadgets that are designed to help the driver to such an extent that you do not have to be alert all the time. Traveling alone or with family and friends, the safety features will function to its full capacity and never lets you down. Also the vehicle is not only safe for the occupiers but people on the road gets the same safety due to its warnings and force stops and limits where they are needed. At first you may get irritated and want to shut it down but when you get used to it, driving any other car will be out of question. Continue to read more about BME 5 Series must visit BMW Engine Works first.
What is new in the Engine side?
There are two new trim levels that are still to hit the market, 530i and 540i. The first one has a 2.0 liter turbo four engine which give away 248hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. When it comes to 540i the engine is of 3.0 liter turbo-6 with 335hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. These two new engines look promising to take the series to new heights for its driving experience.
Now not only the engines but the handling has been improved and with a 10.2 inch touch screen you can control the way your purchase should behave on the road. From start till the end, there is not a single action which the system does not support. Both the new engines have 8-speed automatic transmission which is noiseless and the shift is not felt when it happens. So you get a smooth drive throughout. We offer best quality USed BMW 5 Series Engines at affordable price in all over UK. Visit us at and get free price quotes

Eco Pro Mode:
Eco pro mode is a very useful system that is installed in the BMW 5 series which gives you even more efficiency and lowers the fuel consumption to 20% less with 5% more due to Eco Pro route and preview assistant that can guide you of the shortest possible way to reach your destination. This system works on any area that is responsible for fuel economy and efficiency of the engine.
This mode further enhances acceleration and transmission shifts, chooses the heating/cooling strategy that is healthy for the engine. The control display shows that which Efficient Dynamics technologies are lowering the fuel consumption.
One very important feature that is often ignored while choosing a vehicle is the aerodynamics. It helps the vehicle to move by cutting the air and making the car lighter while moving in a high speed. This allows the engine to work in a stress free environment and maintain the fuel economy. BMW 5 series has been redesigned from the front as well as the wheel base keeping the aerodynamics as standard. The cool air inlets and wheel arches are specially designed to reduce air swirl and make the car not a usual one. The flat undercarriage cover is also another addition that is designed by keeping the same view in mind; it also improves air insulation and provide even greater protection from rust.

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